Waste Oil Heaters

The used synthetic or petroleum oil which can’t be used anymore, is known as the waste oil. Such kind of oil gets contaminated due to its excessive use. With such waste oil, the biggest problem is, how to dispose it. In the past, people used to drain such waste oil into rivers or into the streams but that was very much harmful for the environment.

When such problem of disposing of the waste oil occurred, the waste oil heater was generated. Initially, these heaters used to burn the waste oil, but now they are highly used on commercial or residential level for generating electricity or heat.

Which industries reuse the waste oil?

Massive industries with the heavy machineries and service centers can easily reuse the waste oils. They have to run big equipments, greenhouses, farm machinery or any other machinery for which this waste oil could be very useful as we can reuse it. They are also used to generate electricity.

Waste oil heaters for the homes

The small home business owners are using the waste oil heaters. Plus, many people are using the waste oil heaters for generating the electricity, heating water or running the heating system for a part of the house. In some places there are restrictions or some laws regarding the use of these heaters. This is why, it is essential to ask consult your local laws and terms.

What are Waste oil heaters?

With the invention of Waste Oil Heaters, the problem of disposing of the waste oil has almost ended. Many of these heaters can work with the waste oil easily. So, you do not have to give away your used oil to the garbage. You can generate some electricity with that waste oil heaters and decreases your energy cost as well.

How do these burners work?

Fill the tank or reservoir up to its minimum level. The electric motor has a tube attached which gets the oil from the tank to the pressurized tube and the fan motor turns the fan towards the blast tube. The fan will work according to the thermostat and you can also turn it on when required. When the oil is sprayed in the blast tube as a fine mist spray, it is then ignited by the high voltage pressure. The hot air obtained from the oil is transferred to the water or to the cool air besides it. The rest of the gas will make its way out via the exhaust.

If you want to build DIY waste oil heater or buy one, this is the place!